About me
Ever since I began playing guitar as a child, I have been under the spell of these instruments. When I found out as a student in school that they still make high quality guitars in handcraft even though industries have developed so much, I knew this was the job of my dreams. And I have chased this dream very determined.

After I had finished school and civilian service, I have first become a journeyman of plucked instrument making. Afterwards I educated myself further by studying to get my B.A. In instrument making and finally became a master craftsman in 2012.

I have learned my profession from many different guitar makers, e.g. H. Drechsler, K. H. Neudel, A. Gropp, C. Sembner, A. Beardsell and G. Byers – just to mention a few of them. As part of my education in Germany I have been on an internship in the USA and Canada for have a year, where I have learned from several brilliant guitar makers. They have given me a lot of insights into their methods and special techniques.

Since 2005 I have been making about 8 to 10 instruments per year and I concentrated on making and constantly improve classical guitars.

In 2013 I finally went into business with my very own master workshop to build and repair instruments in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Gemrany where I come from.
Neuhofer Hauptstraße 20 - 19246 Neuhof - Email: info@laetsch-guitars.de
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