Not only do I make new instruments, I also do reparings and modifications on all kinds of plucked instruments with pleasure. Doesn't matter if it is a classical guitar, a steel-string-guitar, an electric guitar, a mandolin or even ukulele. I even remake instruments like harps or waldzithern. In the end there is as good as no demage that cannot be repaired!

I can glue cracks, replace parts and put new frets on your instrument. I also can cure demages of the varnish or completely repaint your instrument. If you need some customization I can put a belt on it, install a pick-up or turn the instrument into a left hand model. Any other wishes? Let me know, there will probaply be a solution I can offer!
Of course I can adjust your already existing instrument as well. Little adjustments of the string action, the notches of the nut and saddle, the frets or the fretboard can already make a great approvement in handling and sound. Very often this already is worth the effort on rather cheap instruments!

Without a question reparing is always a matter of costs and benefits. Sometimes it may be cheaper to simply buy a new instrument. But you should always consider the sentimental value a long used instrument carries, which cannot be replaced by a new one!

To be able to estimate the demage and especially to make a calculation it is neccessary for me to examine the instrument personally and thus see it here in my workshop. If you cannot bring your instrument here, I can sent you a package with a guitar bag or case in which you can sent it back to me.
If you want me to make a written estimate of costs, I'll have to take 9% of the estimate price for time and effort. If you decide to let me repair your instrument, these costs will be cleared of course.

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